Kate Gordon-Smith

Kate credits her late father Geoff Gordon with igniting her interest in motorsport. Geoff was a Holden dealer and took Kate along to Manfeild to watch Peter Brock. It was all about ‘Brocky’ from then on – even secretly when Kate’s first job out of university was with Ford Motor Company of NZ! Her Ford boss invited the then Prime Minister David Lange to go racing and Kate was suddenly part of a race team. Since then she’s worked in the motor vehicle and/or motorsport sectors in various marketing and PR roles. In 2001 she established her freelance PR consultancy, Relish Communications where she has enjoyed working with the NZV8 Championship and several drivers, Rally New Zealand for the WRC events and NZRC, MotorSport New Zealand, and various rally competitors including New Zealand’s own rally star, Hayden Paddon. Writing for talkmotorsport.co.nz offers Kate a grand opportunity to talk with all kinds of interesting motorsport folk she’s met along the way. Check out www.relishcommunications.co.nz/coaching for Kate’s motorsport marketing and PR coaching for competitors and clubs.


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