Zane Shackleton

Currently studying a Bachelor of Communications at AUT in Auckland, Zane Shackleton has always expressed an outgoing passion towards anything motorsport. Zane enjoys volunteering with The Motorsport Club as a flag marshall and continually learning about the rich history of New Zealand motor racing. An avid Formula One and open-wheeler fan, Zane combines his journalism studies alongside a casual day-job at Hampton Downs

Latest Posts:

Formula Open is a happening thing

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The brainchild of Ken Smith and John Tomlin, Formula Open NZ (FONZ) aims to hopefully see the return of decent…

Fraga proves that sim racing alternative works

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Considered as one of the world’s most complete sim racer, Igor Fraga has immediately made a substantial impact upon New…

Supercars start descending on Hampton Downs

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Hampton Downs is already beginning to ensconce themselves within the Supercars spectrum. Since last week, Supercar officials, council workers and…