Look back in history Sunday: Radisich reunited with his 1994 winning Ford Mondeo at Teretonga (2018)

| Photographer Credit: Alex Mitchell

Last week we looked at the 2018 Skope Classic meeting.  The fifth and final Historic Touring Car Series meeting that season was at the the Evolution Motorsport Classic Speedfest classic motor racing meeting at Invercargill’s Teretonga Park.  For many the memories came flooding back as two-time World Touring Car Cup winner Paul Radisich was reunited with his 1994 Donington, UK, event-winning Ford.

It was the first time that Teretonga Park hosted the inaugural Archibalds-backed series for Group C, Group A and later model 2-litre Super Touring and NZTC series cars, and Radisich was in Invercargill as the guest of the man who owns the car, Scott O’Donnell.

Two-time World Touring Car Cup winner Paul Radisich was back behind the wheel of the Ford Mondeo Super Tourer he drove in period

 Fastest qualifier Phil Mauger from Christchurch driving a Nissan Primera won the opening race on Saturday mornin – and one of the other three over the weekend – but after a tentative first couple of laps Radisich worked his way  from fourth to second, crossing the finish line just over half a second behind Mauger.

“I just had to wait for the rear tyres to come up to temp,” commented Radisich at the time.  “Having power steering was a nice surprise. We didn’t have that when I raced the car first time around and you had to have forearms like Popeye to muscle the thing around.”

Behind Mauger and Radisich in the first race came fast-starting Christchurch car dealer Bruce Miles, hard-charging Dunedin driver Arron Black, then Scott O’Donnell in one of his other historic Ford touring cars, a rare Wolf-built Ford Mondeo Super Tourer which ran in the German 2 Litre Touring Car Championship in period.

 Timaru driver Kevin Pateman started as he meant to go on in the NZTC-spec Ford Telstar he built, ran in period and still owns, snapping at the heels of the higher tech Super Tourers early on and finishing sixth ahead of Christchurch pair Steven Kelly in his ex Brett Riley NZTC BMW 320i and Matthew O’Donnell in his ex-Tony Longhurst BMW 320i Super Tourer.

Quickest qualifier and Race 1 winner was Phil Mauger (Nissan Primera ST)

 Mauger also won the second Archibald’s’ series race of the weekend on Saturday afternoon, this time by a margin of 0.703 from first lap leader Bruce Miles, Scott O’Donnell and Arron Black, the latter behind the wheel of fellow Dunedin driver Warren Good’s ex-Tim Harvey, BTCC-winning BMW E36 coupe after an engine issue side-lined his own E30 BMW M3.

Bruce Miles finally got the better of fellow Cantabrian Phil Mauger in the third series’ race on Sunday morning, muscling his way from P2 off the start to P1 through the first corner then cleverly managing a lead he would never lose as Mauger came under attack from Scott O’Donnell for second spot.

Miles managed to win the drag race from the final turn to the chequered flag, but the margin back to O’Donnell was just 0.031 of a second – less than a car length – with Mauger third just 0.160 of a second back and Lindsay O’Donnell fourth a  further 0.781 of a second behind.

It was this close in the third race Bruce Miles just edged out Scott O’Donnell for the win.

Bruce Miles also won the final Archibalds series race of the weekend, this time by a margin of over four seconds from Scott and Lindsay O’Donnell with Phil Mauger recovering from a half spin at Castrol on the third lap (while in second place) to cross the line in fourth place.

Dunedin man Stephen Grellet in his newly-acquired ex-Radisich BTCC Peugoet 406

1/ Phil Mauger (Nissan Primera ST) 1:08.874
2/ Bruce Miles (BMW #E36 320i ST) 1:09.588
3/ Paul Radisish (Ford Mondeo ST) 1:10.272
4/ Lindsay O’Donnell (Volvo S40 ST) 1:10.306
5/ Arron Black (BMW E30 M3 Gp A) 1:10.933
6/ Kevin Pateman (Ford Telstar NZTC) 1:12.078
7/ Brett Stevens (Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500) 1:12.789
8/ Steven Kelly (BMW 320i NZRTC) 1:12.903
9/ Matthew O’Donnell (BMW E36 320i) 1:13.029
10/ Nick Young (BMW M3 GpA) 1:13.355
11/ Graeme Clyde 1:14.878 (BMW 320i NZTC)
12/ Warren Good 1:17.234 (BMW 320i ST)
13/ Allan Dippie (Ford Telstar NZTC) 1:18.400
14/ Tony Forde (Holden Commodore V8 Gp A) 1:20.520
15/ Dennis Ham (Alfa Romeo 155 NZTC) 1:21.040
16/ Simon Crampton (BMW E30 Gp A) 1:27.099
17/ Scott O’Donnell (Ford Mondeo ST) 0.000

Race 1: (6 laps)
1/ Phil Mauger
2/ Paul Radisich
3/ Bruce Miles
4/ Arron Black
5/ Scott O’Donnell
6/ Lindsay O’Donnell
7/ Kevin Pateman
8/ Steven Kelly
9/ Matthew O’Donnell
10/ Warren Good
11/ Tony Forde
12/ Simon Crampton
13/ Stephen Grellet
14/ Dennis Ham
Dnf Allan Dippie, Nick Young
Dns Brett Stevens

Race 2 (6 laps)
1/ Phil Mauger
2/ Bruce Miles
3/ Scott O’Donnell
4/ Warren Good
5/ Kevin Pateman
6/ Lindsay O’Donnell
7/ Steven Kelly
8/ Matthew O’Donnell
9/ Tony Forde
10/ Simon Crampton
11/ Graeme Clyde
12/ Nick Young
13/ Allan Dippie
14/ Dennis Ham
DNF Stephen Grellet

Race 3 (6 laps)
1/ Bruce Miles 6:48.995
2/ Scott O’Donnell +0.031
3/ Phil Mauger +0.191
4/ Lindsay O’Donnell +0.781
5/ Kevin Pateman +10.767
6/ Simon Crampton +22.951
7/ Tony Forde +23.281
8/ Warren Good +25.458
9/ Steven Kelly +25.659
10/ Graeme Clyde +27.214
11/ Dennis Ham +56.762
DNF Nick Young, Allan Dippie

Race 4 (6 laps)
1/ Bruce Miles 6.44.210
2/ Scott O’Donnell +4.127
3/ Lindsay O’Donnell +4.808
4/ Phil Mauger +4.947
5/ Warren Good +13.169
6/ Kevin Pateman +14.491
7/ Tony Forde +10.372
8/ Simon Crampton +28.019
9/ Graeme Clyde +30.804
10/ Steven Kelly +31.159
DNF. Dennis Ham

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