A stumbling start to the 2024 Canterbury Interclub Series

The January Port Hills fire ignited fears that the planned Cust Autocross on grass would also be a fire risk which, sadly, led to the event being cancelled.

This resulted in the second round becoming Round 1. The AutoSport run, Piper Valley Rd Gravel Sprint was run on March 16th in fine and perfect conditions. With the rally season just around the corner, 27 competitors lined up to create a small dust storm on Banks Peninsula.

Michael Tall (Mirage) took the win with a time of 3minutes 7.8seconds. Just 3.2s behind was Josh Marston (Barina) and snapping at his tailpipe was David Quantock (Fabia) on 3m 11.4s. Next were the Semog Bravo Crosscars of Taylor Judd on 3m 12.7s and Harri Judd with a time of 3m 26.7s.

Autosport scored the lion’s share of the Interclub points to hold a lead of 24 points before we head to Loburn for the rescheduled Ratec Motorsport Weekend Interclub Autocross. (Full results are available on the Autosport website.)

Entries are open online for this Ratec Interclub 2 scheduled for Mothers Day, May 12th. The Regs are to be posted on the Ratec website within days.

There had been a big effort to find a larger paddock but this was unsuccessful. with farmers being unwilling as they are still thinking of the days when rally tyres made a mess of paddocks and not the minimal impact that road tyres make today.

We are still looking for a paddock between the Hurunui and Rakaia Rivers that is 3 or more hectares. So, if anyone knows of a property that can be used… please let us know.

2023 Final Points after 8 Rounds:
Ashburton Car Club 572
Canterbury Car Club 441
Ratec Motorsport Club 292
Autosport Club 155

2024 Points after 1 Rounds:
Ashburton Car Club 39
Canterbury Car Club 12
Ratec Motorsport Club 57
Autosport Club 81

The Lupp Cup for Navigation Rallies 2024
April saw the running of Round 1 with Canterbury Car Clubs Brumm Navigation Rally around Prebbleton and Lincoln. The winners Ian McKee, Brent Rawstron and Peter Monro (Canterbury) were a mere 5 minutes of time penalties ahead of Doug Good and crew (Ratec) and the club competition was close, too. As always, practice is available every 3rd Thursday (usually) of each month. Navigation Rallies also offers members of other clubs the opportunity to hone their night driving skills and to improve the communications between driver and navigator.

The Lupp Cup for Navigation Rallies 2024 Point’s position:
Ashburton Car Club 0
AutoSport 0
Canterbury Car Club 22
RATEC Motorsport 23

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