Mazda Pro7 Racing celebrates 25 years of competition

Mazda Pro7 Racing will reach a huge milestone this coming season, the 25th year of competition in New Zealand. With Toyo Tires having supported the class continuously for the last 20 years it is believed this is the longest continuous sponsorship of a class in New Zealand Motorsport.

As the first Sanctioned Series in the country the Toyo Tires Mazda Pro7 Racing Series has remained one of the most innovative and cost effective race categories in New Zealand Motorsport.

Pro7 provides a drivers championship with a tightly controlled rule book which limits modifications to the RX-7s and RX-8s that are eligible to compete.

This season is shaping up to be one of the biggest Pro7 has seen for a great many years with a huge jump in numbers of the later model Pro7 Plus cars and also the newer, RX-8 class.

Race meetings this year include supporting the Toyota Racing Series at Hampton Downs, Thunder in the Park at Pukekohe as well as meetings at Taupo and Manfeild.

Pro7 has provided a stepping stone for many drivers over the years with drivers moving up to compete in the Toyota Racing Series, NZV8s, Super Tourers, TR86, GTRNZ and numerous other classes. Many have returned to Pro7 due to the comradery and close cost competitive racing. This allows new, young and some not so young drivers to compete against some very talented and proven drivers in what Pro7 Racing believe is the best value for many racing in New Zealand.

2015/16 Calendar Toyo Tires Mazda Pro7 Racing

Round 1
IRC Meeting
31st of October – 1st of November 2015, at Taupo Motorsport Park

Round 2 (Thunder in the Park)
IRC Meeting
12th – 13th of December 2015, at Pukekohe Park Raceway

Round 3
HRC Tasman Revival Meeting
9th – 10th of January 2016, at Taupo Motorsport Park

Round 4, including Pro 7 Plus NZ Champs Round 1
MSNZ TRS Meeting
30th – 31st of January 2016, at Hampton Downs

Round 5
IRC Meeting
20th – 21st of February 2016, at Manfeild

Round 6, including Pro 7 NZ Champs Round 1 and Pro 7 Plus NZ Champs Round 2
IRC Meeting (Easter)
26th – 27th of March 2016, at Taupo Motorsport Park

Pro 7 NZ Champs Round 2
16th – 17th of April 2016, at Mike Pero Motorsport Park (Ruapuna)

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