• TalkMotorsport is about opinion, perspective and comment, primarily reflecting the views of its contributors (opinion and perspective) combined with feedback from you the reader (comment).

We aren’t about giving you the latest news, we give opinion, perspective and comment on the news.


Opinion – this is a view formed about something and contributed to the website. It is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge but is a viewpoint gained from experience and expressed by the contributor.

Perspective – this is where the contributor gives their ‘take’ or viewpoint on a particular subject. An opinion and give you a perspective view on a particular topic.

Comment – This is the response to what has been written and gives the reader the opportunity to contribute to the discussion whether you agree or disagree.

Fact – A fact is something that is known to be true, to exist or to have happened. i.e. Sebastien Vettel won the 2018 Australian Formula One Grand Prix.


While an opinion would be expressed such as: ‘Vettel’s win had little substance given the miss-calculation of the Mercedes F1 Team.’
A contributors perspective may be that ‘Mercedes F1 cannot afford any more mistakes as Ferrari have shown that they will take any opportunity afforded to them.’