Baker wins Nexen Tyre Mazda Racing Series North Island Championship

| Photographer Credit: Matt Smith

The final of the North Island Championship was run over the weekend and even though Simon Baker choose not to drive this event his dominant position on the table gave him the title.

The only thing left to decide was second and third, with Keith Wilkinson securing runner up in the championship with Leo Bult, returning after a couple of years in the Toyota 86’s, in third. Rookie of the season went to Lance Sutherland.

The 2020 – 2021 season has had its ups and downs. COVID-19 and weather were contributing factors. Events were moved with the Auckland lockdown. Round 2 saw the fiery crash of Roger Beuvink off the last turn at Pukekohe and race 2 at the New Zealand Grand Prix gave the Mazda’s the wettest conditions they’ve seen in some time. What ensued was carnage.

Taupo though was perfect. A great turnout of 19 RX8’s, 1 RX7 and 8 MX5’s made the journey to Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park. Brett Killip dominated this round with three wins from three starts, giving up his grip on the broadcasting microphone and firmly grasping the steering wheel to provide a masterclass in driving and a new lap record of 1:42.997.

All that remains now for the Nexen Tyres Mazda Racing Series is the completion of the South Island and New Zealand Championship. That’ll take place at Highlands over the 23rd and 24th April. The New Zealand Championship is currently being led by James Parker with Simon Baker just 8 points behind. Simon Baker and Matt Horne committed to running in the South Island Championship this year also and both hold 1st and 2nd place with Russell Burgess close behind in 3rd. Highlands will be an exciting decider.

“The 2020-2021 North Island Championship was exciting” says committee spokesperson Steve Spear “we had 36 different competitors running in RX8’s and RX7’s and a heck of a lot of fun. The Mazda’s are exciting, they throw up some challenges on the track that comes with a one make class which makes great spectating. Next year will be a strong field and we’re working on the calendar now. Congratulations to Simon, Keith and Leo on an outstanding season”.

North Island Championship Points

Car #, Driver, Place, Points

11Simon Baker1964
1NZKeith Wilkinson2921
98Leo Bult3863
45Matt Horne4712
4James Parker5665
79Lance Sutherland6567
50Nigel Edger7543
24David Atkins8494
26Brett Killip9434
97Roger Beuvink10433
88Steve Brown11425
117Sam Dashfield12415
85Rex Edwards13381
39Bruce Gay14379
22Terry Edwards15365
28Elton Wichman16355
12Paul Leith17345
17Paul (Weeman) Hinton18326
7Steven Spear19316
76Simon Teagle19316
51Scott Davies20287
71Jared Leith21262
8Tim Forster22258
72Kevin Richards23245
77Adrian Redding24216
23Matt Carkeek25212
99Brad McDonald26206
9Justin Allen27165
30Mark Stockton28157
21Andrew Jackson29150
115Thomas Hannaford3098
61Karl Gaines3196
47Phil Clemas3292
53Bob Smith3360
16Rob Williams3437
14Darren Leith3510
Lance Sutherland1567 
Steve Brown2425 
Sam Dashfield3415 
Rex Edwards4381 
Terry Edwards5365 
Simon Teagle6316 
Jared Leith7262 
Karl Gaines896 
Phil Clemas992 

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