Ticktum for TRS? That would spice it up!

I had to read that headline again as well when I received a text on Friday morning asking for a reaction.  The possibility of FIA Formula 3 European Championship driver Daniel Ticktum competing in the 2019 Toyota Racing Series is an exciting prospect.  Given his reputation he would certainly add some spice to the season and the history of the series.


Although we aren’t a fan of his indiscretions and the reputation that he has gained, he is a highly motivated individual who will almost stop at nothing to get into Formula One.  So why enter a lessor formula such as TRS?


It’s all about his bid to get a Superlicence to compete in F1 and he wants enough points before the start of the 2019 F1 season.


Autosport.com reports that the Red Bull Junior driver is considering all options to gain the 40 points required.  Winning the Toyota Racing Series will gain him another seven points, five for second and three, two, one for placing third to fifth overall.


Earlier this year the world governing body of Motorsport, the Federation Internationale Automobile (FIA) gave the New Zealand’s premier motor racing series the recognition.


The Autosport.com article says:

“Ticktum needs 40 points to do so, and he currently is only assured of 32 – 25 for his runner-up spot in the Formula 3 European Championship, five for his Macau Grand Prix win last year and two for sixth place in MSA Formula in 2015.

He will lose those two 2015 points after this year, and he is also awaiting clarification from the FIA about whether or not five discretionary points awarded by what is now called Motorsport UK – his national governing body – can count for the superlicence rather than just a Grade A international licence.

There is also the chance for him to earn another five this weekend if he wins the Macau GP again…..Once he has a confirmed total for the year then Ticktum will decide what his next steps are, and whether he needs to race in winter categories such as New Zealand’s Toyota Racing Series to help him get over the 40-point threshold.”


There is no doubt that Ticktum is very quick and it is not often that we get to see a top driver step down to a lesser category.  However, the fact that the TRS offers drivers Superlicence points makes it even more attractive to come down under in the Northern Hemisphere off-season.


Bring it on I say!

Benjamin Carrell

Benjamin Carrell is a freelance motorsport writer and currently edits talkmotorsport.co.nz. He writes for a number of Kiwi drivers and motorsport clubs. That's when he's not working in his horticultural day-job or training for the next road or mtb cycle race!


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