Nexen Tyre Mazda Racing Series Comes to The South Island

The highly successful and competitive Nexen Tyre Mazda Racing Series is set to expand to the South Island in the 2020/21 season.

Russel Burgess (Dunedin) and Lindsay Dodd (Christchurch) have collectively been granted the right to use the current regulations and rules for the coming season and will organise a four round series that will carry the title Nexen Tyre Mazda Racing Series (SI) Champion.

The North Island series has seen enormous growth over the past 3 seasons and is now consistently attracting grids of 20 plus including RX 8’s,Batman RX 7’s and MX5. The series is extremely well run by the current management team along with the proactive leadership of Leo Bult. The success of the series is attributed to the competitive environment that has been established along with fair but stringent rules that are strictly adhered too. The success is also underpinned by the comradery that exists between competitors and their support crews.

South Island motor sport competitors and spectators may be confused that similar RX 8’s are running within the SI Pro 7 Series. However, these “modified RX8s” are not a vehicle that complies with the Mazda racing series regulations.The Mazda Racing series organisation point out they are not associated with this class whatsoever..

It is Burgess’s and Dodd’s wish to run controlled series cars and emulate the success of the North Island Mazda racing Series. We both have Compliant “Mazda Racing Series” cars, and along with several other South Island based owners of the same we believe that the time is right to establish the series in the South Island.

You only have to look at what has happened in the North Island, we believe that we can mirror the success here in the South. Support for the establishment of the series at this early stage is very encouraging with several people indicating already that they will build compliant cars. It has also been indicated that some North Island drivers cars will venture south for the series.

Leo Bult, President of the MRS says he and the executive are very excited to be working with Lindsay and Russell.The NI success story provides a great platform.

A one make series that offers awesome close racing is a great spectacle.

This year has been a testament to that, we have fielded up to 24 same make/model cars in the RX8 field, We have seen podium results from many of the top 12 drivers.

The Quality of the racing,the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the cars to build and run we hope helps to develop the growth of the SI category.These are exiting times Bult said.

While we currently do not have a finalised calendar, it will be 4 four round series and it is anticipated that there will be one round at each of the South Island tracks. One of these rounds will also be associated with the New Zealand Mazda Racing Championship. Further round or rounds of the national championship will be held in the North Island and South Island cars will be able to compete at these rounds for national championship such is the versatility of the cars and series.

For further information or to register your interest, please contact either Russel or Lindsay.

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