Scott McLaughlin: Having confidence in yourself

| Photographer Credit: Chris Graythen (Getty-Images)

A second IndyCar test has confirmed that Scott McLaughlin is the real deal in single seaters as well as tin-tops. To finish third fastest amongst todays best IndyCar drivers is no mean feat and that is what the current Supercars champion did this week at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin Texas.

“It’s a dream come true to just be here in America particularly after a second IndyCar test,” commented McLaughlin. “It’s unreal and I’m pretty proud to be third on the leader board.”

Driving for Team Penske in the Australian Supercars Championship has opened doors for McLaughlin for the future. We have always known that America would be where he would head to. But taking part in an IndyCar test was not expected.

“You always have that confidence in yourself to do it but it is a big ask coming here.”

So how does an IndyCar compare with a V8 Supercar?

“It’s everything and more. The V8 is something special, it brakes well and corners well but this is just at another level. The Indycar is so light and fast and brakes well. I’ve never sunk so low in the seat when I’ve braked. I’m very lucky to have driven this at such a cool track.

“The down force is immense and it’s taking time to get used to. I’ve not used it at 100% as I’m still nervous at where the ‘level’ is but pretty pleased with it so far. Every time we have put on the same rubber as everyone else we have been right up there so proud to be where we are.

“I’m going to study hard for this but I have another race to attend to when I get back home and get into V8 mode.”

Next McLaughlin heads to Adelaide for the opening Supercars race, the SuperLoop Adelaide 500 20-23 February.

Benjamin Carrell

Benjamin Carrell is a freelance motorsport writer and currently edits He writes for a number of Kiwi drivers and motorsport clubs. That's when he's not working in his horticultural day-job or training for the next road or mtb cycle race!

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