Australian Motor Sport Authority appoints Kiwi to Consultancy Group

The Australian Auto Sport Alliance Pty Ltd (AASA) which earlier this year established a New Zealand branch, has announced the appointment of New Zealander, Gordon Legge, to its newly formed international advisory panel.

Legge is well known in New Zealand motor sport through governance positions within the sport, and as a race car owner and competitor.

Chris Lewis Williams, CEO of Benalia Auto Club Group inc, which is owner of the Australian Sport Alliance. Said Legge’s role for the AASA panel will be to advise on and strengthen the operations of the Sanctioning Authority in New Zealand,

“Enhancing Trans- Tasman relationships between competitors, officials and promoters will be equally important” said Chris.

“We are all about having experienced Motorsport people in key areas of the group, and Gordon will be a very important part of AASA’s New Zealand expansion and movements further afield.

Bruce Robertson, Chairman of the AASA, said Gordon will offer AASA valuable input “ as we continue our plans to create new events in New Zealand, for Clubs, promoters, racing drivers and fans”

The AASA was established over 15 years ago with an aim to obtain better deal across many facets of motor sport oversight.

AASA’s core roles are permitting, safety and regulatory functions, and providing a comprehensive insurance package to the sport.

In New Zealand, AASA is now the sanctioning authority for Targa NZ and its associated events. In Australia, it has long experience with sanctioning Tarmac Rallies.

“Technology and innovative event design, when combined with positive governance and oversight, can bring motor racing and rallying within reach of a greater number of aspiring race and rally drivers,” said Bruce Robertson.

“Gordon will be a key advisor on the expansion of AASA events for New Zealand.”

The AASA has already set Gordon a project on advising on how it can increase Trans- Tasman events and participation, via a single licensing system, across different classes of motor sport.

Gordon Legge said he accepted the position because of AASA’s “big thinking” approach.

“The irony is that AASA thinks big and small at the same time.

“They understand where the next generation of World class drivers is nurtured, and the future stars are discovered” said Legge.

“Bruce Robertson said that New Zealand is a focus for the foreseeable future and understanding all levels of the sport. Then we will look for further challenges, this is why Gordon is so important,” he said.

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