OSCA packing powerful punch at Highlands

The South Island’s iconic ‘anything goes’ OSCA championship will turn out in force for Highlands on January 18/19 with a grid of at least 25 cars.

It will be one of the most powerful grids of the weekend, packing a punch of tens of thousands of horsepower and the best part is that most of those extra horses have been created by skilled Kiwi enthusiasts.

That’s because OSCA is made up of the country’s finest home built and engineered racers, as well as machines previously used in series like NZV8s and US series like TransAms. There’s also a healthy selection of highly modified big-horsepower Japanese machinery as well, including Nissan Skyline GTRs, iconic Mazdas, Datsuns, Nissans, Subarus and Hondas.

It’s just one of a number of packed grids scheduled to race over the Speed Works Motorsport weekend in Cromwell which will feature the first round of a new-look Castrol Toyota Racing Series brimmed with international talent. There are big grids of F1600s, Central Muscle Cars, Rush Hour racers, Toyota 86s and Mazdas for fans to look forward to as well.

The OSCA Super Saloon Series is a racing series where the competitors are free to design and build the widest possible variety of cars. The series is open to most types of saloon car, fitting into one of three classes, (GT2 to GT4) based on engine size and type, gearbox, suspension and best lap times, among other parameters

To promote close racing, the second and third races in a round are run under reverse grid rules, with the third race being a handicap start. This can result in the fastest cars starting over 1 minute behind the first (slowest) cars! With races only 6-8 laps in length, results are unpredictable right to chequered flag.


2    Randall Diggs, Holden Commodore Saloon TL
5    Steve Ross, Jaguar Tranzam
6    Bo Houston, Nissan Skyline GTR
7    Michael Gallagher, Mazda RX7
8    Russell Mortimer, Nissan 180SX
9    Stan Moore, Mitsubishi EVO 2
16   Johnny Waldron, Nissan GT-R VQ35
25   Neville Stowell, Nissan GT-R
26   Gary Duncan, Mazda RX7 Batman
35   Bruce Davidson, Chevrolet Corvette C6R
41   Danielle Hurst, Mazda RX7
42   Kris Brown, Nissan R32
61   George Michell, Datsun 1600
66   Conrad Waldron, Mazda RX7
69   Liam MacDonald, Ford Falcon
91   Andrew Gibson, Honda Civic
94   Garreth Evans, Nissan R32 GTST
97   Geoff Gray, Mitsubishi Evo 5
111  Raymond Hart,Holden Commodore
117  Daniel Currie, Subaru WRX
126  Mitchel van der Weert, Honda Integra
187  Matt Edgar, Mazda RX7 Batman
222  Paul Brooks,  Nissan Silvia S15
751  Gerald Hargreaves,Toyota Altezza
982  Jonathan Long, Honda Civic

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