Strong initial interest in the Mazda Racing Series from the South Island

Since the announcement in May that the Mazda Racing Series is expanding into the South Island this coming season, there has been a high level of interest and early indications show that grids of 15 or more cars are likely.

A number of former competitors have also indicated they will return to the track, some building or purchasing a newer RX8 car while with several drivers of “Batman” RX 7’s are planning to coming out of an early retirement with their cars.

Several inquiries have been fielded about the inclusion of the Series 1 RX 7’s. More recently we have not seen these cars running in the North Island, however the Mazda Racing Series rules still include this class. The Series 1 RX 7 was the original back bone of the series before the Rx8’s and Batman RX 7’s evolved. In the South, Series 1 RX 7’s have continued to make a regular appearance since the series was instigated some 25 years ago.

Since the announcement Lindsay Dodd and Russel Burgess, (Series Organisers) are delighted to have receive calls from drivers who own Series 1 RX7’s. Many are past competitors who are weighting up their options for the coming season but are indicating they are likely starters.

MX5’s also will also feature. Dodd and Burgess received a surprised call recently from an MX 5 owner asking if it was the intension to run these cars, similar to the popular MX 5 North Island series. After couple of quick phone calls, I was able to confirm that we will be doing this, Dodd said. The MX 5 class will benefit from a sponsorship commitment from Garage 5, MX 5 specialist in Christchurch.

Sponsorship offers are also well advanced and under consideration that will complement the support NEXEN tyres continues to make to the class throughout the country. Discussions with a specific and separate sponsor for the Series 1 RX 7 class are close to being concluded.

A draft race calendar is on the table but will not be released until confirmation of the Speedworks South Island dates have been received. It is anticipated that Highlands will be the pinnacle event for the series, which will also be a round of the Mazda Racing Series National Championship. This event will attract many of the top cars and drivers from the North Island, and, some are also indicating that they will take in some South Island rounds as well as National and North Island Series rounds.

Also available is an RX 8 to lease either on a round by round basis or for the complete season. This creates an opportunity for a driver to experience the series before purchasing their own vehicle. For more details on this, please contact Lindsay or Russell, details below.

The prospects of the inaugural season in the south for the highly successful Mazda Racing Series look good and is highly anticipated by all involved.

For further information or to register your interest please contact:
Lindsay Dodd Ph 027 4383997 Email
Russell Burgess Ph 027 301 3186 Email

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