Tony Quinn Foundation established to help emerging Kiwi motorsport talent

Identifying, supporting and sponsoring the next generation of talented young Kiwis on their journey is the goal of the new Tony Quinn Foundation. The foundation boasts a wealth of well-connected motorsport industry players including Tony Quinn, Steve Horne, Greg Murphy, John Gordon, and Josie Spillane.

The Tony Quinn Foundation will commit over $200,000 to scholarships and categories for emerging talent and will also consider further support for any Kiwi that finishes in the top three in Toyota GAZOO Racing’s two championships — the Castrol Toyota Racing Series and Toyota 86 Championship — with dollar for dollar funding towards their next campaign.

“Since I built Highlands in 2013 it was always my intention to establish a foundation to help Kiwi drivers with the ambition of making a career from motorsport,” says Tony Quinn. “We’ve brought together a dream team that can add real value to the process.

However, Tony Quinn has word of warning to any young drivers excited about the prospect of getting financial support for their racing dreams.

“This is not about throwing a lump of cash at a young driver and saying: ‘Here you go. Have at it,’ says Quinn. “It’s as much, or more about drawing on the experience and contacts of the trustees in the foundation.”

“Any driver we work with has to be prepared for a school of hard knocks. It won’t be a holiday. It will be more like boot camp. And we’ll be honest with the kids and their parents because the parents will still have to invest their hard-earned cash.

“If we don’t think they have what it takes we’ll advise parents not to waste too much money and to treat the sport as a hobby instead of trying to make a career out of it.

“But for the kids who do have the talent and the determination to make it, we’ll do everything we can to help them.”

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