Format confirmed for Gilmour’s Arctic X Prix

Extreme E, the all-electric off-road racing series, has confirmed a slightly updated sporting format for the upcoming Arctic X Prix in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland which will include a five-car Final. Top Kiwi rally driver, Emma Gilmour, is currently heading to Greenland, stepping up from her role as the team’s female reserve driver to fill the boots of Jamie Chadwick in the upcoming Arctic X Prix – the third event on Extreme E’s inaugural 2021 calendar.

The changes start at qualifying, which runs across two sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – on Saturday 28 August. Each team will complete two laps of the course, one lap per driver with a driver Switch, and the times recorded across the morning session will equate to classification points meaning first place receives 9, second place 8, third place 7 points and so on. The same then happens in the afternoon with classification points awarded on the same scale.

The combined total of these classification points provides the intermediate standings, which is based on points instead of times as seen in Saudi Arabia and Senegal, meaning a fairer opportunity for all teams to progress, particularly if a poor time or DNF for example is recorded in one session.

It is important to note, the classification points do not contribute to overall Championship points – these continue to be awarded in the same way as per previous rounds at the end of Qualifying as follows:

1st – 12 points
2nd – 11 points
3rd – 10 points
4th – 9 points
5th – 8 points
6th – 7 points
7th – 6 points
8th – 5 points
9th – 4 points

From the Qualifying rounds teams in first, fifth and sixth place will progress to Semi-Final 1, with second, third and fourth spots advancing to Semi-Final 2 and teams finishing in seventh, eighth and ninth will go through to the Crazy Race.

Greenland will provide Extreme E’s first five-car Final, made up of the top two teams from Semi-Finals 1 and 2, plus the winner of the Crazy Race, offering every single team on the grid an opportunity to reach the concluding race of the Arctic X Prix on Sunday 29 August.

Following the Final, Championship points will be awarded as follows:

1st – 25 points
2nd – 19 points
3rd – 18 points
4th – 15 points
5th – 12 points

Semi-Final 1 3rd – 10 points
Semi-Final 2 3rd – 8 points

Crazy Race 1st – 6 points
Crazy Race 2nd – 4 points

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E said: “As a series we are always ready to evolve in order to create the absolute best result, and we believe these changes to the sporting format will offer greater competition and even more exciting racing for our global fanbase.

“I can’t wait to witness some of the biggest names in racing take part in the first motorsport event ever hosted in Greenland, and see who will take the top step on the podium. The course itself looks incredible and I’m sure it will offer some close battles, but it is important to note we are racing on an area which was once a glacier, but has retreated at an accelerated rate due to the climate crisis.”

The Arctic X Prix is just 10 days’ away and preparations are almost complete for holding this world-first event in Greenland. Following this, the series will move to Sardinia in Italy for the Island X Prix taking place from 23-24 October.

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