TA2 presents an exciting future for BNT V8s

The Australian TA2 category is coming to town and it does present an exciting class of racing for fans, spectators and of course, drivers.  So, thinks Peter Robinson, the Kiwi-born Australian and NZ distributor for TA2 cars.

“TA2 is the fastest growing motorsport seen in this part of the world for decades…. or should I say, the fastest growing EVER without Factory (GMH FORD) support,” commented Peter Robinson to Talkmotorsport.

A fortnight ago came the announcement from NZ Touring Cars Ltd that the BNT V8s Championship will adopt the popular class and is set to become the BNT NZV8TA2 Championship.

“We are different from ARG (Australian Racing Group) in Australia and also the USA division of TransAm as their class of TA2 that is out of control with costs.

“We looked at the reasons for these costs and spoke to a number of current US TA2 drivers and team owners to ascertain their likes and dislikes in their cars.

“We took onboard all of what we learnt, then we spoke to Tony Bryntesson in Sweden whom was the first in the world to have a Same Spec Camaro Cup competition.

The first two chassis’ have arrived in the country being a Mustang bodied TA2 as well as a Camaro bodied version. Two current competition cars from Australia were also in New Zealand for demonstration purposes; those being a Challenger bodied TA2 as well as a two-seater Camaro.

Robinsons company PBR Distributions in Queensland are the Australasian importer and distributor of the TA2 cars and equipment from Howe Racing Enterprises in the United States.

“Chas Howe and I sat down and designed the very unique same spec car we race today. Our TA2 (Trans Australia 2) cars are our exclusive IP and are designated as PBR spec by Howe Enterprises, and exclusive to PBR Distribution in Australia and NZ.

TA2 Australia at Winton Raceway

“They are the most cost-effective build that Howe produce, being some $30,000.00 USD cheaper than a US spec build.  We import and sell the cars at cost so this gives the owners no room to negotiate a “better deal”.  When there’s no margin, then there’s no discount.

“When I signed the exclusive deal with Chas Howe for supply for Australia I added NZ in on the deal.  My wife, Moana, and I are originally Kiwis and call Matamata our home town.  I spent my youth hanging around Speedway in NZ, watching circuit racing around Pukeohe and at Baypark Raceway. So I knew that if Same Spec V8 racing was a hit in Australia that we would have the right recipe for both countries.

“Paul Manuell and Mike Childs at Eastern Automotive and the BNT V8s team will be the perfect groups to run NZV8TA2.   Their individual experience will overcome any minor issues that might come up.

“What we are all really excited about is the Same Spec V8 Trans-Tasman racing between Australia and NZ, along with a World Series TA2 event to be announced.

“We are well down the track (no pun intended) of making this a reality in the not too distant future.  We have huge support from USA industry and financial backers to make this an annual event which will include inviting drivers from Sweden, Denmark, Canada, USA, Thailand, Australia and NZ.”

We have had the release and now, once we get out of ‘lock-down’, can see some demonstration laps on track.

One last thing from Peter….

“These cars are fun to drive, fun to watch, great to work on, and in essence they are the best bang for buck you’ll ever get. “

Benjamin Carrell

Benjamin Carrell is a freelance motorsport writer and currently edits talkmotorsport.co.nz. He writes for a number of Kiwi drivers and motorsport clubs. That's when he's not working in his horticultural day-job or training for the next road or mtb cycle race!


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