Extreme E’s Arctic X Prix course revealed

With Extreme E’s Arctic X Prix just two days away, the series is pleased to reveal another exciting course bringing the nine teams and 18 world-class drivers a very new set of challenges across different terrains.

The course has been designed around a large, relatively open plain at the edge of the Russell Glacier, just outside the town of Kangerlussuaq. The terrain has a mixture of rock sizes from large boulders down to a fine glacial sediment and sand dunes, crafted and shaped by the wind blowing down the valley and the melting water coming off the glacier.

The start of the course is at the western end of the plain on a flat area 123 metres above sea level, beginning on a mixture of compact sediment and small rocks, before heading north towards the sand dunes. A wide-open section where drivers will have a myriad of different routes to take through the sandy mogul field brings them out at the bottom of the first climb up the sand dunes. The course briefly heads back downhill on to the plain for a short section, before turning back up into the dunes to the farthest northerly part of the course.

At this point, the course disappears to the far side of the dunes and around a small glacial water lake before winding its way up to the highest point on the dunes measuring 180 metres, before dropping out of the sandier section and reconnecting with the open plain, which will likely bring higher speeds. While it appears flat from a distance, the wind and water flows have shaped the floor, so expect the all-electric ODYSSEY 21s to dance across this area – it is certainly not flat out.

Winding its way to the farthest westerly point, the course drops twice into the huge riverbed with steep drops down and then jumps back up onto the plain. This is also home to the Super Sector – a section of the course where the fastest driver over the weekend will earn five points for their team.

Following the back straight, the course turns back towards the Switch and Finish areas. The slowest and perhaps most technical part of the course ventures across a small ‘rock garden’, littered with medium to large rocks. The drivers will have to be patient as they slowly pick their way through this unique and very technical part of the course.

The route back towards the Start and Switch zones now begins across the bumpy plain, finishing off the spectacular 6.68 kilometre course of the Arctic X Prix.

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