Arkell takes his chances and wins opening Archibalds Historic Touring Car series race

| Photographer Credit: Richard Dimmock Photography

Nigel Arkell not only set the fastest time in qualifying for the Archibalds Historic Touring Car Series race at the Mobil 1 Classic Speedfest in Invercargill, but also took his chances and won the opening eight-lap race on Saturday. Teretonga Park in Invercargill is hosting the second round of the series with four races over the weekend.

Initially it was Brett Stevens (Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500) who grabbed the lead ahead of Arkell (Honda Accord Supertourer) with Paul Radisich (Ford Mondeo) in third followed by Bruce Miles (BMW 320i Supertourer), Arron Black BMW E30 and Gary Johnstone (Jaguar XJS).

While Stevens maintained his lead, it was local driver Scott O’Donnell (Ford Mondeo), starting from last on the grid, who was quickly making his way through the field.

With two laps to go, there wasn’t much in it between the top five, Stevens, Arkell (main picture), Miles, Radisich and Scott O’Donnell. Then Stevens slowed and eventually retired, gifting the lead to Arkell. Miles, now in second, spun coming onto the main straight allowing O’Donnell to move into a well earned second place with Radisich third. While O’Donnell continued to gain on Arkell, the top three finished in that order with Arron Black fourth ahead of Miles, Tony Forde (Holden Commodore Walkinshaw), Gary Geeves (BMW 320i) and Warren Good (BMW E36).

Position, number, Name, Car, Time
1/ 62 Nigel Arkell, Honda Accord, 1:05.406
2/ 15 Aaron Black, BMW E30 173, 1:05.601
3/ 311 Paul Radisich, Ford Mondeo, 1:06.419
4/ 28 Brett Stevens, Ford Sierra Cosworth RS, 1:07,108
5/ 25 Bruce Miles, BMW 320I Supertourer, 1:09.283
6/ 97 Matthew O’Donnell, BMW 318 Supertourer, 1:09.283
7/ 52 Gary Johnstone, Jaguar XJS, 1:10.335
8/ 16 Tony Forde, Holden Commodore Walkinshaw, 1:10.361
9/ 12 Warren Dunn, BMW E30 M3, 1:10.419
10/ 45 Nick Young, BMW 325i, 1:10.701
11/ 124 Gary Geeves, BMW 320i, 1:10.721
12/ 8 Warren Good, BMW E36, 1:10.953
13/ 161 Lindsay O’Donnell, Ford Mondeo, 1:11.207
14/ 23 Dennis Chapman, BMW 318 Supertourer 1:12.187
15/ 115 Austin McKinlay, Holden Commodore, 1:12.848
16/ 55 Dennis Ham, Alfa Romeo 155, 1:15.298
17/ 100 David Beattie, Toyota Corona, 1:16.245
18/ 3 Scott O’Donnell, Ford Mondeo ST, 1:48.834

Race 1 (8 laps)

Position, number, name, car
1/ 62 Nigel Arkell Honda Accord
2/ 3 Scott O’Donnell Ford Mondeo ST
3/ 311 Paul Radisich Ford Mondeo
4/ 15 Aaron Black BMW E30 173
5/ 25 Bruce Miles BMW 320I Supertourer
6/ 16 Tony Forde Holden Commodore Walkinshaw
7/ 124 Gary Geeves BMW 320i
8/ 8 Warren Good BMW E36
9/ 12 Warren Dunn BMW E30 M3
10/ 52 Gary Johnstone Jaguar XJS
11/ 45 Nick Young BMW 325i
12/ 23 Dennis Chapman BMW 318 Supertourer
13/ 97 Matthew O’Donnell BMW 318 Supertourer
14/ 115 Austin McKinlay Holden Commodore
15/ 55 Dennis Ham Alfa Romeo 155
16/ 100 David Beattie Toyota Corona
DNF 28 Brett Stevens Ford Sierra Cosworth RS
DNS 161 Lindsay O’Donnell Ford Mondeo

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