Lawson and fellow ‘Juniors’ – chasing more F3 wins at the Red Bull Ring

After Liam Lawson’s superb victory in the opening FIA F3 weekend of the season a few days ago the quartet of Red Bull Juniors remain at the same venue for Spielberg 2. The 18-year-old New Zealander won Sunday’s scorcher after a brilliant Race 1 charge from a P12 grid position produced a 6th place finish and P5 on the grid for Race 2.

Fellow Juniors Dennis Hauger, Igor Fraga and Jack Doohan all plan to emulate the Kiwi this week.

Lawson with a great start and a plan

“We know that we’ve got to do a better job in Qualifying, that’s got to come from me and the team,” asserted Lawson. “The balance of the car was great but we’ve got to get the tyre switched on quicker.”

“This week we are using the hard compound and so that is going to be even more important and might be even more difficult.”

“Also, looking at the race pace, we’ve got to make sure we can make the tyre last longer. That’s something we struggled with last weekend. So it’s a combination of the car and the way I drive it obviously, plenty of work all round.”

“We made a great start to the season, good to have that to build on,” added the Hitech driver.

Hauger taking steps

Hitech team mate to Lawson is Dennis Hauger and the 17-year-old Norwegian made a good F3 debut but certainly wanted more. “For sure I learnt a lot, we have got to be closer from the start of the weekend. We were 24th in Practice, 16th in Qualifying, so improving but we can do more for sure.”

“The pace in Race 2 was really good, if we had started from better positions in both races the results would haver been different.”

“We are working with a different tyre this weekend and hopefully we can make the next step, closer to where we should be,” added Hauger.

Fraga to turn pace to position

“I think for the first race weekend I didn’t do so bad,” enthused the 21-year-old Brazilian who battled from last to 16th in Race 1 last weekend. “There were a lot of things around, tyre management, DRS, thirty cars on the grid. Of course I think that there are things I can improve for this weekend, the brake balance, the way that you make the tyre wear a little bit better, things like that. I’m looking forward to the next race and making improvements.”

“We had some difficulties and for sure we have to solve these problems so we can maximise the track time. I am sure that the pace is there, it’s about maximising all the track time we can to put all the information together and have a solid car for the weekend.”

“You have to be really aggressive but still manage the tyres,” concluded the Charouz driver.

Doohan to take a big step

“I think we learnt a lot last weekend,” stated the 17-year-old Australian.

“We have the hard compound this weekend, the temperature will probably be very similar, depends if it is wet or dry of course but I think that the key will be to see what we have to do to turn the tyre on.”

“The aim will be to get in the top 8 in Qualifying and then work from there. I think that once we get in the mix we should be able to fight for the top 5,” asserted the HWA driver.

Red Bull Ring weekend schedule – all times CEST

Friday 10th July

09:35 – Practice (45 minutes)
14:05 – Qualifying (30 minutes) 

Saturday 11th July
10:25 – Race 1 (24 laps)

Sunday 12th July
09:45 – Race 2 (24 laps)

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